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What Do We Do?


We are a sales and distribution company that expanded into the development and production field. We have a strong operating background in Europe as well as China.

We are professionals. The main focus of our company lies on consumer electronics and household products. Our commitment is to deliver high quality and add value for both our customers and retailers. We managed to introduce our inventive technology to the complex market of the CEE region and succeeded to compete with the near-monopolist company with soda makers. The latest additions to the product portfolio are the Czech brand Leaf Learn, which deals with the cultivation of microgeens using artificial intelligence, and the American revolutionary smart device for newborns Owlet.


Our business vision

We invest energy in fewer brands, but with greater potential. We are talking about long-term win-win cooperation, not short-term profits, with a dissatisfied client. We believe in long-term, fair business cooperation and a constantly satisfied and loyal customer.


Our Brands

You will now find two strong brands in our portfolio. The iRobot brand is a global favorite and a star on the rise that breaks sales records and mainly transforms the entire home cleaning segment. On the contrary, the LIMO BAR brand stands in the position of the other, but more innovative and tougher in the domestic beverage production segment. LIMO BAR confirms its position and increases the market share especially in the Czech market. We managed to introduce new disruptive technologies to the complex markets of the CEE region and to compete with the hitherto almost metropolitan domestic soda makers brand. We support innovative technological solutions, which is why we have included Leaf Learn among our brands. It combines exceptional design and artificial intelligence technology. This functional connection has fundamentally changed the possibilities of domestic production of superfoods - microgreens. The newest brand in the portfolio is American Owlet. It has joined other revolutionary brands in our portfolio. Owlet smart accessories monitor, for example, heart rate, oxygen levels or sleep trends. This essential information is necessary for responsible parents who are looking for the best newborn care options.

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