Our History

Certus mercatus

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    Our company name Certus Mercatus s.r.o. originates from Latin and means "certain trade". With the company's establishment in 2006 we already decided to acquire and distribute products with high added value. Soon after the creation of our company we moved into the production segment that we are dealing with today.

    In 2006, everything started with the import of memory cards and handheld MP3 players from Taiwan and China. We extended our portfolio to other consumer electronics segments.

  • 2007

    After we gained knowledge on the import of several different brands of MP3 players, we decided to create our own product identity and started manufacturing our first brand called VERSZO. We visited many world trade fairs, at which our emphasis has always been put on selecting high quality products and suppliers. Our suppliers were the top manufacturers and were also producing for famous audio/video technology companies.

    Hundreds and thousands of our products are still being used in many households.

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    The year 2008 was a big breakthrough for our company. We managed to succeed in the tender for the exclusive importer of iRobot products, which was the first to be successful in domestic robotics.

    In the Czech Republic, we have fundamentally altered the way of cleaning households. Despite all initial mistrust, iRobot products are now used in hundreds and thousands of Czech households.

  • 2010

    In 2010, we continued to grow rapidly. We were questioning about what would be our ‘next step’. After evaluating several different segments of the market, we decided to enter the mobile phone market. We revitalized our VERSZO brand, which we no longer used due to sales reduction of portable MP3 players and renamed the brand to VERZO. There were many activities behind the scenes, of which product design was one of the most important. That is why we decided to team up with NOVAGUE’s top-class studio, which is led by the very talented product designer Pert Novague. As our main partner we selected the Taiwan based company ‘Innocom’, which is manufacturing hardware parts for companies such as TAG Heuer. After the selection of the partner we began to sketch all the details of the product; from packaging to the sophisticated smartphone itself.

    The development lasted for a year. In 2011, we introduced our VERZO KINZO to the rapidly growing Czech smartphone market.

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    2012 was a year of international and segmental expansion. After long preparations and negotiations with iRobot corp. we have entered into an exclusive agreement for 3 more markets: the Hungarian, Bulgarian and Romanian. We managed to expand into those 3 markets even with unfavorable business conditions due to the crisis. In all markets, we have applied the same business model as in the Czech Republic, and today we are proud to be the No. 1 in the robotic vacuum cleaner segment.

    In agreement with our partners we decided to open a new segment in 2012. This segment was an expansion to the FMCG market and brought new challenges in the production and storage of beverage products, including operating with pressured bottles. This segment included the home-made soda and lemonade market, which until then was dominated by monopoly producers from Israel. That is why we have created a new Czech brand LIMO BAR, which has been competing well since this year and is violating the monopoly of the global player.

    The final milestone in 2012 was our first start-up investment, which was at a time when the start-up community as we know it today did not exist yet. We developed a close relationship with the IT sector due to the establishment of our own smartphone. Therefore, we decided to invest in the company ‘About Fun’. They specialize in mobile phone game development through all platforms. Today, this very successful company has around 40 developers and cooperates with the most important global players on the market, such as Electronic Arts, China Mobile and others.

  • 2017

    In CMG, we continue to expand our portfolio of brands to new markets. Turkey is the next market where we kicked off our products. Turkey is becoming a key focus market for us due to its potential. Our office in Istanbul is run by experienced managers, who have joined us from large companies and who are a great asset for us in times of rapid market development..

    At the end 2017 we were able to obtain exclusive contracts for Greece and Cyprus.

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    A very fast-expanding brand of mobile phones and accessories, which decided to expand to Europe in 2017. The goal of Smartisan is to deliver top quality products with an emphasis on user friendliness. Therefore, all products of this brand fall into the higher price category. Our company has managed to obtain exclusive import rights to Central and Eastern Europe

  • 2021

    This year, CMG built on the experience of the FMCG market and added products from the Czech manufacturer Leaf Learn to its distribution channel. This brand perfectly fulfills our vision and combines high-tech technologies with improving people's quality of life, ecology and timeless design.

    Renowned designer Rony Plesl took care of that. This smart solution for domestic production of superfoods - microgreens is gaining in importance and with the ever-increasing trend of healthy lifestyles, smart households and food safety concerns, a great future awaits it.

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    Since the beginning of CMG's existence, innovation, quality and premiumity have been key issues for all brands. This basically meets the latest addition to the brand's portfolio - Owlet. An American manufacturer that makes smart accessories for newborns. Owlet products are unique worldwide. The Owlet Smart Sock 3 and Owlet Cam cameras represent the future of childcare. A future where parents are calm and satisfied because they know their children are fine. And they can count on them to know if the measured values are not optimal. Or they will see developmental trends that can help determine a child's level of satisfaction in a variety of situations. It is a great challenge to meet the expectations that these premium products represent, but their quality, innovation and high added value give great hope for a successful presence in the market.