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It all started at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where two gentlemen and one lady decided to apply their knowledge of robotics research to the real world. The three robotic pioneers began to work on the first real, though initially very visionary projects. Gradually, iRobot lured the consumer market and a breakthrough in consumer products came in 2002. That year, iRobot introduced its first widely available robotic vacuum cleaner called Roomba. The project included long hours and hard work.

The team of experts oversaw an important task while building Roombu, because they aimed to change the way people clean up. 5 years of hard work, several prototypes and dozens of nights were spent to make the project a true perfection. The goal of the experts was achieved, and in 1997 the robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba was a fact! From that moment, the project was an ongoing success. Roomba has undergone several generational changes, such as change of design and the shift to 100% cleaning efficiency and complete independence.


Bubbles are all around us. It, for example, forms where the water in the stream furiously rolls over the stones. Also, they flow to the surface in mineral waters. They help to regenerate our bodies as special healing treatments or, for example, to create the exact right balance in mixed beverages. We humans love bubbles in all possible forms and situations. However, one way of interacting with bubbles strongly reigns. Drinking it.

The LIMO BAR brand has confirmed its position as an innovator in the domestic beverage production segment by signing a contract with BEVYZ. The contract stated to distribute unique all-in-one hot, cold and sparkling beverages made comfortably at home within one click. The merger between LIMO BAR and BEVYZ will allow customers to experience a real revolution in beverage preparation.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best possible indoor air quality. The values of our company environment are reflected in every aspect of our business activities. Our products are designed and developed in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) - in the technological heart of Europe.

With cutting-edge testing equipment and years of experience in producing air conditioning equipment, we guarantee you the best quality. Duux was founded 20 years ago and since then we have been developing and manufacturing various air conditioning equipment. We created a whole range of products from extensive research, interesting resources and business development. We did so to improve and maintain your living conditions throughout the year.


The design of the electric bicycle will be launched early 2019 after many years of development under the name NOVAGUE. The use of top components from companies such as Bröse, Shimano or Panasonic ranks the final product into the higher segment of electric bicycles.

This market is growing at a rocket pace across markets. Soon, the bikes will be used beyond our cities and cycle paths…

It is a rapidly expanding brand of mobile phones and accessories, which we decided to expand to Europe in 2017. Smartisan's goal is to deliver high-quality products with an emphasis on user-friendliness. This is also the reason why all the products of this brand rank in a higher price category.