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It all started at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), where the researchers decided to apply their knowledge of robotics research to the real world. The three robotic pioneers began to work on the first real, though initially very visionary projects. Gradually, iRobot lured the consumer market and a breakthrough in consumer products came in 2002. That year, iRobot introduced its first widely available robotic vacuum cleaner called Roomba. The project included long hours and hard work.

The team of experts oversaw an important task while building Roomba, because they aimed to change the way people clean up. 5 years of hard work, several prototypes and dozens of nights were spent to make the project a true perfection. The goal of the experts was achieved, and in 1997 the robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba was a fact! From that moment, the project was an ongoing success. Roomba has undergone several generational changes, such as change of design and the shift to 100% cleaning efficiency and complete independence. Now it can recognize specific objects around her, adapt cleaning processes for each family and can dump garbage on its own. In addition to Roomba, iRobot was born with Braava robotic mops that work with vacuum cleaners. Together, they independently and comprehensively clean the floors of millions of households around the world.


Bubbles are all around us. It, for example, forms where the water in the stream furiously rolls over the stones. Also, they flow to the surface in mineral waters. They help to regenerate our bodies as special healing treatments or, for example, to create the exact right balance in mixed beverages. We humans love bubbles in all possible forms and situations. However, one way of interacting with bubbles strongly reigns. Drinking it.

The domestic Czech brand LIMO BAR has confirmed its position as an innovator in the segment of domestic beverage production by producing the TWIN soda maker, which, unlike other common soda producers, also allows flavored beverages to be saturated. In addition to standard and these special soda makers, LIMO BAR also offers popular syrups. These are specially developed for use with sparkling water and soda. The LIMO BAR brand is innovating and changing the market, where few would look for new opportunities. Since its inception, it has fulfilled the main idea of "experiencing a real revolution in the preparation of beverages."


Leaf Learn smart flower pots combine several basic features. Microgreens contain many times higher amounts of vitamins than vegetables. The pots offer maximum control over the growth process, extreme simplicity (just water it) and artificial intelligence that controls the growth itself.

Renowned designer Rony Plesl is behind their design. These are the reasons why Leaf Lear manages to expand into many new households.


Owlet produces great helpers for parents of newborns. Owlet Smart Sock in conjunction with the Owlet Cam camera supervises the child in any position at any time of the day or night. In addition to monitoring values and recording data, Owlet informs parents of any changes or non-standard blood oxygen levels, heart rate and sleep quality.

Owlet products are already used by more than a million families and the quality of sleep of parents and children has improved statistically. And that's what Owlet cares about, it brings peace and quiet at a time when everything is fine and there is no reason to worry.